Pay attention to and publish diapers information

Although diapers originated in foreign countries and were introduced to China in recent years, the development speed of the domestic diaper industry is still very fast. In the process of development, product structure and product selling points have undergone some changes.

First of all, the trend of product thinning is more obvious. As consumers change their view of diaper, the product requirements are no longer limited to the single demand of not leaking urine. Light and breathable diaper products are more likely to win the favor of young parents, plus Some manufacturers have introduced the diaper on the concept of “non-breaking”. In recent years, thinning of products has become the mainstream of the diaper market.

Second, the elastic waistline has become the mainstream. Although the elastic waist is not a brand new product feature of diapers, it has become more and more mainstream in recent high-end diaper products. The elastic waistband is more comfortable to wear and saves raw materials during production. According to statistics, more than 60% of diaper manufacturers used elastic waist as the main selling point last year.

Recently, some manufacturers have added ingredients to the surface as a selling point. In addition to improving the basic functions of the diaper, the manufacturer also sprays some stock solution in the surface layer to increase the attractiveness of the product. For example, spraying vitamin E, chamomile and other ingredients on the surface layer to increase hypoallergenic function, spraying green tea extract and aloe extract to increase the function of removing odor.

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, the requirements for products are becoming more and more strict. In order to effectively increase the customer’s purchase rate, it is essential to clearly position the products and highlight the selling points.